About us

My name is Manoj Kumar, and I am a journalist in Jaipur Rajasthan, a local newspaper. I have created the homeoherbal.co.in website with the help of my colleague Dr. Yash Goyal (BHMS). All the articles given on this website have been written based on the experiences of Dr. Yash Goyal (BHMS).

You have been told about homeopathic medicine (uses, benefits and diseases) on homeoherbal.co.in. That is, by reading the post given on our website, you can get information about the use, benefits and treatment of diseases of homeopathic medicines. These drugs have no side effects, and are 100% effective in diseases. In every post, information about the disease and homeopathic treatment related to it has been written after much searching and experience, yet if any information is incomplete and you do not agree with it then you must tell us. Send us a message and we will try to help you.

We have the right to copy all the articles on this website and you cannot copy any article. If you have any kind of problem in our given article and you want to suggest it to us then you can email us (manojismahawar@gmail.com), your email will be implemented soon.


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